Saturday, August 21, 2010

loer & lower

still and resting tirelessly within the armor her heart has wrought bitterlie
bound and taunted continuall to and by the sea
watching the stars fall and extinguish gentle amongst the waues through which he wades
hidden as she waited for another, adamant, a mistake of groning ghost for loe was made
for whatsoever from one place doth fall is with the tide unto another brought
is there nothing lost that may be found if sought?

Friday, August 6, 2010

without want, with need

i can hear thunder and see lightening spasming through the sky... but where is the rain? there are warm and cool gusts laced between the branches which clutch the swollen and pulsating clouds. down here the ground is dry and exhausted. i am laying in the sand staring up with my mouth gaping. everything is stirring about me, lifting, twirling, aching, surging. i fear it will all pass too soon and i will not taste a single drop. or has it already come to pass?