Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worries and Wishes

Come set your tangled head down
Let my hands cover your wanderin' eyes
Come lay down beside me
Lets not say goodbye

Tomorrow could be better
Tomorrow could be the same
Tonight let go of your sorrows
and I will let go of my shame

Come here darlin'
Please come my way
I'll shake the cold out of your clothes
If you could make up your mind to stay

It's time to stop your worrying
and time for me to stop wishing too
The night can be such a long time
Like the worst movie to sit through

I know there isn't a good ending here
No matter how we hold on
When two hearts have always been broken
There is no way to be but gone

Come set your tangled head down
Let my hands cover your wonderin' eyes
Come lay beside me
and lets not say our goodbyes.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Light flashing yellow, orange, then red
Shining through leaves changing,
Against a green wall unmoving,
Into eyes softly shifting

Dust between boards
Paced back and forth across
Shedding what was lost
What was not known, so not forgot

Eyes fading from blue to brown,
Eyes fading from brown to honey,
From honey to green
Haunted by a place somewhere in between

Thoughts caught in the cracks
With hands clasped to nothing
How many have sunk into this room, still spinning?
How many will leave this room, still aching?