Sunday, March 14, 2010

night bird

the air filtering into her bedroom was soaked in dreaming. her body lay tangled in the perfumes of a dozen different flower petals and oils. she breathed deeply to indulge in her own scent, and listened to the hum of a ceiling fan and the rolling purrs of the cat sleeping at her feet. she let her neck relax and her head came to rest at the left side of her pillow. she gazed through her partly opened window not realizing her eyes were still open. the sun was not yet creeping upon the houses across the street but it would be peering into their windows soon enough. a night bird, the first bird to sing of the morning sang a short song of solitude, his words not entirely clear, though she was able to decipher "bye" and "good" within his string of bells and chirps. she was familiar with this popular tune. she took another deep breath, this time trying to force down her heart as he began to scale the ivy covered lattice work of her consciousness to the place behind her eyes (a climb that was made whenever her body and mind became still enough). she closed her eyes, tightly, just now noticing how open they were and had been. she tried to listen again for the bird singing, or the cat purring, or the fan spinning, but instead her ears became filled with the sound of tiny pebbles tapping, clicking, being tossed at her window to the past. it was not at all like the one facing her night ridden street, it was a window filled with the light of possibility and blinding remorse that kept her mind in a constant state of dreaming. it was the brightness of it which kept her from sleeping. her nose began to sting with tiny flames licking at her sinuses as she clenched her teeth and grabbed the quilt wrapped about her in anticipation for the steam engine about to ram straight into her brain. it was an orgasm of sorts. matching at least in the level of fluids and elation produced. after the tears were expelled, behind the pools of her clouded vision, she could see and feel him most clearly. she could indulge her conscious and unconsciousness in his every part and whole. she followed him through open deserts and sweat with him in tangled jungles. she smiled to find his face sleeping next to hers. she kissed him. she tasted his breath inside of her closed mouth. straining to taste it with more depth, she took in a gasping breath, the sound from which opened her eyes again. she sank deeper under her quilt. she asked for the night bird to please, please, sing that song about the "bye" and the "good" again, how did it go? you see, i just have never understood the good in goodbye, but maybe if you could sing it once more...

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