Tuesday, March 1, 2011

with love wrapped around my head like a crown of clover

the air is cool as it sifts between our houses
soft shadows and flashes of light move along the length of my body and cross my face
Spring whispers in my ear that yes, yes, something is new again
but what it is i don't know.
my skin is alive and my breath is light
a strange hope never hoped before softens my eyes and mouth
freshly green leaves are shaking above the cars that pass like waves
my mind is evaporating into clouds drifting, drifting past
i am reaching out to grasp something that can not be caught,
and so i find myself weightless along with it
my heart is made of dust
everything has taken root except for me
everything is growing into something else
and i am just here to see it and love it and look up, up, up, and then past.

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